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Distance Between Botswana Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Botswana

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Central to Francistown113 km70 miles
Francistown to Gaborone421 km262 miles
Gaborone to Ghanzi546 km339 miles
Ghanzi to Kanye523 km325 miles
Kanye to Kgalagadi351 km218 miles
Kgalagadi to Kgatleng447 km278 miles
Kgatleng to Kweneng104 km65 miles
Kweneng to Maun470 km292 miles
Maun to Mochudi568 km353 miles
Mochudi to Molepolole66 km41 miles
Molepolole to North East438 km272 miles
North East to North West503 km313 miles
North West to Ramotswa697 km433 miles
Ramotswa to Serowe289 km180 miles
Serowe to South East298 km185 miles
South East to Southern111 km69 miles