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Distance Between Bolivia Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Bolivia

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Chuquisaca to Cobija1,116 km693 miles
Cobija to Cochabamba760 km472 miles
Cochabamba to El Beni353 km219 miles
El Beni to La Paz403 km250 miles
La Paz to Oruro197 km122 miles
Oruro to Pando797 km495 miles
Pando to Potosi985 km612 miles
Potosi to Santa Cruz347 km216 miles
Santa Cruz to Santa Cruz de la Sierra21 km13 miles
Santa Cruz de la Sierra to Sucre260 km162 miles
Sucre to Tarija283 km176 miles
Tarija to Trinidad745 km463 miles