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Distance Between Benin Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Benin

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Abomey to Alibori430 km267 miles
Alibori to Atakora122 km76 miles
Atakora to Atlantique464 km288 miles
Atlantique to Borgou325 km202 miles
Borgou to Collines147 km91 miles
Collines to Cotonou216 km134 miles
Cotonou to Djougou381 km237 miles
Djougou to Dogbo322 km200 miles
Dogbo to Donga323 km201 miles
Donga to Kandi209 km130 miles
Kandi to Kouffo477 km296 miles
Kouffo to Littoral103 km64 miles
Littoral to Lokossa85 km53 miles
Lokossa to Mono5 km3 miles
Mono to Natitingou407 km253 miles
Natitingou to Ouidah445 km277 miles
Ouidah to Parakou336 km209 miles
Parakou to Plateau222 km138 miles
Plateau to Porto-Novo95 km59 miles
Porto-Novo to Queme637 km396 miles
Queme to Sakete664 km413 miles
Sakete to Savalou152 km94 miles
Savalou to Zou65 km40 miles