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Distance Between Azerbaijan Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Azerbaijan

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Abseron to Agdam217 km135 miles
Agdam to Agdas128 km80 miles
Agdas to Agdzhabedy65 km40 miles
Agdzhabedy to Aghjabadi Rayon11,486 km7,137 miles
Aghjabadi Rayon to Aghsu11,456 km7,118 miles
Aghsu to Agstafa255 km158 miles
Agstafa to Agsu255 km158 miles
Agsu to Astara239 km149 miles
Astara to Baki233 km145 miles
Baki to Baku4 km2 miles
Baku to Balakan Rayon327 km203 miles
Balakan Rayon to Barda161 km100 miles
Barda to Barda Rayon1 km1 miles
Barda Rayon to Beylagan78 km48 miles
Beylagan to Beylaqan1 km1 miles
Beylaqan to Bilasuvar Rayon87 km54 miles
Bilasuvar Rayon to Cabrayil Rayonu138 km86 miles
Cabrayil Rayonu to Dashkasan Rayon11,556 km7,181 miles
Dashkasan Rayon to Divichibazar11,403 km7,085 miles
Divichibazar to Dzhalilabad225 km140 miles
Dzhalilabad to Fizuli124 km77 miles
Fizuli to Fuezuli0 km0 miles
Fuezuli to Gadabay Rayon156 km97 miles
Gadabay Rayon to Ganja48 km30 miles
Ganja to Ganja City0 km0 miles
Ganja City to Geoktschai117 km73 miles
Geoktschai to Goeycay0 km0 miles
Goeycay to Goranboy80 km50 miles
Goranboy to Goygol Rayon40 km25 miles
Goygol Rayon to Haciqabul230 km143 miles
Haciqabul to Imishli77 km48 miles
Imishli to Imisli0 km0 miles
Imisli to Ismayilli103 km64 miles
Ismayilli to Jalilabad178 km111 miles
Jalilabad to Kalbacar Rayonu233 km145 miles
Kalbacar Rayonu to Khirdalan318 km198 miles
Khirdalan to Kurdamir Rayon136 km85 miles
Kurdamir Rayon to Kyurdarmir1 km1 miles
Kyurdarmir to Lacin158 km98 miles
Lacin to Lankaran221 km137 miles
Lankaran to Lankaran Sahari11,660 km7,245 miles
Lankaran Sahari to Lerik11,647 km7,237 miles
Lerik to Masally35 km22 miles
Masally to Mingacevir City247 km153 miles
Mingacevir City to Mingelchaur1 km1 miles
Mingelchaur to Naftalan35 km22 miles
Naftalan to Nakhchivan188 km117 miles
Nakhchivan to Nakhichevan3 km2 miles
Nakhichevan to Naxcivan Sahari218 km135 miles
Naxcivan Sahari to Neftcala248 km154 miles
Neftcala to Oguz244 km152 miles
Oguz to Pushkino202 km126 miles
Pushkino to Qabala Rayon179 km111 miles
Qabala Rayon to Qakh Rayon91 km57 miles
Qakh Rayon to Qazax135 km84 miles
Qazax to Qobustan359 km223 miles
Qobustan to Quba160 km99 miles
Quba to Qubadli281 km175 miles
Qubadli to Qusar284 km176 miles
Qusar to Saatli166 km103 miles
Saatli to Sabirabad13 km8 miles
Sabirabad to Salyan63 km39 miles
Salyan to Samaxi119 km74 miles
Samaxi to Samux188 km117 miles
Samux to Shabran222 km138 miles
Shabran to Shaki City152 km94 miles
Shaki City to Shaki Rayon0 km0 miles
Shaki Rayon to Shamakhi139 km86 miles
Shamakhi to Shamkhor222 km138 miles
Shamkhor to Shamkir Rayon0 km0 miles
Shamkir Rayon to Sheki104 km65 miles
Sheki to Shirvan204 km127 miles
Shirvan to Shusha187 km116 miles
Shusha to Shushi1 km1 miles
Shushi to Siazan Rayon235 km146 miles
Siazan Rayon to Sirvan109 km68 miles
Sirvan to Sumqayit94 km58 miles
Sumqayit to Susa262 km163 miles
Susa to Tartar Rayon11,499 km7,145 miles
Tartar Rayon to Terter11,442 km7,110 miles
Terter to Tovuz132 km82 miles
Tovuz to Ucar179 km111 miles
Ucar to Ujar0 km0 miles
Ujar to Xacmaz144 km89 miles
Xacmaz to Xankandi253 km157 miles
Xankandi to Xankandi Sahari11,492 km7,141 miles
Xankandi Sahari to Xizi11,437 km7,107 miles
Xizi to Xocali221 km137 miles
Xocali to Xocavand Rayonu46 km29 miles
Xocavand Rayonu to Yardimli122 km76 miles
Yardimli to Yelenendorf249 km155 miles
Yelenendorf to Yevlakh70 km43 miles
Yevlakh to Yevlax0 km0 miles
Yevlax to Yevlax City0 km0 miles
Yevlax City to Zangilan Rayon11,418 km7,095 miles
Zangilan Rayon to Zaqatala11,298 km7,020 miles
Zaqatala to Zardab181 km112 miles