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Distance Between Armenia Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Armenia

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Aragatsotn to Ararat64 km40 miles
Ararat to Armavir87 km54 miles
Armavir to Artashat63 km39 miles
Artashat to Ashtarak41 km25 miles
Ashtarak to Gavarr65 km40 miles
Gavarr to Geghark'unik'i Marz18 km11 miles
Geghark'unik'i Marz to Gyumri134 km83 miles
Gyumri to Hrazdan84 km52 miles
Hrazdan to Kapan200 km124 miles
Kapan to Kotayk'i Marz201 km125 miles
Kotayk'i Marz to Lorri62 km39 miles
Lorri to Shirak51 km32 miles
Shirak to Syunik'i Marz254 km158 miles
Syunik'i Marz to Tavush188 km117 miles
Tavush to Vanadzor77 km48 miles
Vanadzor to Vayots' Dzori Marz139 km86 miles
Vayots' Dzori Marz to Yerevan93 km58 miles