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Distance Between Argentina Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Argentina

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Buenos Aires to Buenos Aires F.D.0 km0 miles
Buenos Aires F.D. to Catamarca978 km608 miles
Catamarca to Chaco520 km323 miles
Chaco to Chubut2,044 km1,270 miles
Chubut to Cordoba1,437 km893 miles
Cordoba to Corrientes677 km421 miles
Corrientes to Entre Rios562 km349 miles
Entre Rios to Formosa710 km441 miles
Formosa to Jujuy750 km466 miles
Jujuy to La Pampa1,525 km948 miles
La Pampa to La Plata719 km447 miles
La Plata to La Rioja1,037 km644 miles
La Rioja to Mendoza430 km267 miles
Mendoza to Misiones1,537 km955 miles
Misiones to Neuquen1,840 km1,143 miles
Neuquen to Parana1,054 km655 miles
Parana to Posadas660 km410 miles
Posadas to Rawson1,956 km1,215 miles
Rawson to Resistencia1,845 km1,146 miles
Resistencia to Rio Gallegos2,820 km1,752 miles
Rio Gallegos to Rio Negro1,227 km762 miles
Rio Negro to Salta1,777 km1,104 miles
Salta to San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca412 km256 miles
San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca to San Juan430 km267 miles
San Juan to San Luis285 km177 miles
San Luis to San Miguel de Tucuman728 km452 miles
San Miguel de Tucuman to San Salvador de Jujuy292 km181 miles
San Salvador de Jujuy to Santa Cruz2,754 km1,711 miles
Santa Cruz to Santa Fe2,035 km1,264 miles
Santa Fe to Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz0 km0 miles
Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz to Santa Rosa645 km401 miles
Santa Rosa to Santiago del Estero982 km610 miles
Santiago del Estero to Tierra del Fuego2,963 km1,841 miles
Tierra del Fuego to Tucuman3,065 km1,905 miles
Tucuman to Ushuaia3,123 km1,941 miles
Ushuaia to Viedma1,604 km997 miles