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Distance Between Angola Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Angola

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Bengo to Benguela389 km242 miles
Benguela to Bie461 km286 miles
Bie to Cabinda985 km612 miles
Cabinda to Caxito373 km232 miles
Caxito to Cuando Cubango1,035 km643 miles
Cuando Cubango to Cuanza Norte916 km569 miles
Cuanza Norte to Cuanza Sul172 km107 miles
Cuanza Sul to Cuito259 km161 miles
Cuito to Cunene441 km274 miles
Cunene to Huambo393 km244 miles
Huambo to Huila267 km166 miles
Huila to Luanda695 km432 miles
Luanda to Lubango677 km421 miles
Lubango to Lucapa1,070 km665 miles
Lucapa to Luena385 km239 miles
Luena to Lunda Norte390 km242 miles
Lunda Norte to Lunda Sul272 km169 miles
Lunda Sul to Malanje486 km302 miles
Malanje to Mbanza Congo432 km268 miles
Mbanza Congo to Menongue1,006 km625 miles
Menongue to Moxico316 km196 miles
Moxico to N'dalatando748 km465 miles
N'dalatando to Namibe721 km448 miles
Namibe to Saurimo1,086 km675 miles
Saurimo to Sumbe736 km457 miles
Sumbe to Uige420 km261 miles
Uige to Zaire237 km147 miles