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Distance Between Algeria Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Algeria

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Adrar to Ain Defla937 km582 miles
Ain Defla to Ain Temouchent295 km183 miles
Ain Temouchent to 'Ain Temouchent1 km1 miles
'Ain Temouchent to Alger409 km254 miles
Alger to Algiers0 km0 miles
Algiers to Annaba421 km262 miles
Annaba to Batna208 km129 miles
Batna to Bechar891 km554 miles
Bechar to Bejaia879 km546 miles
Bejaia to Biskra220 km137 miles
Biskra to Blida321 km199 miles
Blida to Bordj Bou Arreridj182 km113 miles
Bordj Bou Arreridj to Bouira73 km45 miles
Bouira to Boumerdas70 km43 miles
Boumerdas to Boumerdes20 km12 miles
Boumerdes to Chlef222 km138 miles
Chlef to Constantine473 km294 miles
Constantine to Djelfa356 km221 miles
Djelfa to El Bayadh233 km145 miles
El Bayadh to El Oued541 km336 miles
El Oued to El Tarf401 km249 miles
El Tarf to Ghardaia632 km393 miles
Ghardaia to Guelma553 km344 miles
Guelma to Illizi1,110 km690 miles
Illizi to Jijel1,173 km729 miles
Jijel to Khenchela197 km122 miles
Khenchela to Laghouat430 km267 miles
Laghouat to M'Sila261 km162 miles
M'Sila to Mascara399 km248 miles
Mascara to Medea254 km158 miles
Medea to Mila314 km195 miles
Mila to Mostaganem556 km345 miles
Mostaganem to Oran70 km43 miles
Oran to Ouargla690 km429 miles
Ouargla to Oum el Bouaghi460 km286 miles
Oum el Bouaghi to Relizane598 km372 miles
Relizane to Saida106 km66 miles
Saida to Setif500 km311 miles
Setif to Sidi Bel Abbes558 km347 miles
Sidi Bel Abbes to Skikda703 km437 miles
Skikda to Souk Ahras114 km71 miles
Souk Ahras to Tamanghasset1,519 km944 miles
Tamanghasset to Tamanrasset0 km0 miles
Tamanrasset to Tebessa1,425 km885 miles
Tebessa to Tiaret614 km382 miles
Tiaret to Tindouf1,238 km769 miles
Tindouf to Tipasa1,403 km872 miles
Tipasa to Tipaza6 km4 miles
Tipaza to Tissemsilt124 km77 miles
Tissemsilt to Tizi Ouzou236 km147 miles
Tizi Ouzou to Tlemcen525 km326 miles
Tlemcen to Wilaya de M'Sila507 km315 miles
Wilaya de M'Sila to Wilaya de Naama516 km321 miles