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Distance Between Albania Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Albania

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Berat to Diber101 km63 miles
Diber to Durres72 km45 miles
Durres to Elbasan58 km36 miles
Elbasan to Fier41 km25 miles
Fier to Gjirokaster102 km63 miles
Gjirokaster to Korce83 km52 miles
Korce to Kukes164 km102 miles
Kukes to Lezhe71 km44 miles
Lezhe to Shkoder34 km21 miles
Shkoder to Tirana87 km54 miles
Tirana to Tirane0 km0 miles
Tirane to Vlore100 km62 miles