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Distance Between Afghanistan Cities

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Distance Between Major Cities in Afghanistan

Start and Destination CityDistanceMileage
Aibak to Asadabad323 km201 miles
Asadabad to Badakhshan209 km130 miles
Badakhshan to Badghis657 km408 miles
Badghis to Balkh332 km206 miles
Balkh to Bamian207 km129 miles
Bamian to Bamyan59 km37 miles
Bamyan to Bazarak163 km101 miles
Bazarak to Charikar46 km29 miles
Charikar to Daykundi323 km201 miles
Daykundi to Farah376 km234 miles
Farah to Faryab467 km290 miles
Faryab to Fayzabad519 km322 miles
Fayzabad to Gardez410 km255 miles
Gardez to Ghazni136 km85 miles
Ghazni to Ghowr272 km169 miles
Ghowr to Helmand317 km197 miles
Helmand to Herat370 km230 miles
Herat to Jalalabad757 km470 miles
Jalalabad to Jowzjan512 km318 miles
Jowzjan to Kabul411 km255 miles
Kabul to Kandahar459 km285 miles
Kandahar to Kapisa524 km326 miles
Kapisa to Khost185 km115 miles
Khost to Khowst6 km4 miles
Khowst to Konar201 km125 miles
Konar to Kunduz290 km180 miles
Kunduz to Laghman254 km158 miles
Laghman to Lashkar Gah638 km396 miles
Lashkar Gah to Lowgar525 km326 miles
Lowgar to Maymana454 km282 miles
Maymana to Mazar-e Sharif226 km140 miles
Mazar-e Sharif to Mehtar Lam360 km224 miles
Mehtar Lam to Nangarhar67 km42 miles
Nangarhar to Nimruz841 km523 miles
Nimruz to Nurestan920 km572 miles
Nurestan to Oruzgan513 km319 miles
Oruzgan to Paktia313 km194 miles
Paktia to Paktika179 km111 miles
Paktika to Panjshir359 km223 miles
Panjshir to Parvan92 km57 miles
Parvan to Pul-e Khumri109 km68 miles
Pul-e Khumri to Samangan103 km64 miles
Samangan to Sar-e Pol150 km93 miles
Sar-e Pol to Sar-e Pul1 km1 miles
Sar-e Pul to Shibirghan53 km33 miles
Shibirghan to Takhar332 km206 miles
Takhar to Taloqan9 km6 miles
Taloqan to Vardak290 km180 miles
Vardak to Wilayat-e Baghlan208 km129 miles
Wilayat-e Baghlan to Zabul466 km290 miles
Zabul to Zaranj523 km325 miles