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Distance Between Nuku'alofa and Surrounding Cities

Surrounding cities of Nuku‘alofa shown on map, and the distance between Nuku'alofa to other cities and states listed below the map. Click on the distance between link to see distane map.

Distance From Nuku‘alofa to Tonga Cities

Distance from Vava`u to Nuku'alofa312 km194 miles
Distance from Tongatapu to Nuku'alofa5 km3 miles
Distance from Ha`apai to Nuku'alofa155 km96 miles
Distance from 'Eua to Nuku'alofa38 km24 miles
Distance from Niuas to Nuku'alofa617 km383 miles

Distance Between Nuku'alofa and Foreign Cities

Distance from Nuku Alofa to To Chipata15,111 km9,390 miles