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Distance Between Khorugh and Surrounding Cities

Surrounding cities of Khorugh shown on map, and the distance between Khorugh to other cities and states listed below the map. Click on the distance between link to see distane map.

Distance From Khorugh to Tajikistan Cities

Distance from Qurghonteppa to Khorugh247 km153 miles
Distance from Khorugh to Khujand353 km219 miles
Distance from Viloyati Sughd to Khorugh310 km193 miles
Distance from Gorno-Badakhshan to Khorugh169 km105 miles
Distance from Khatlon to Khorugh221 km137 miles
Distance from Republican Subordination to Khorugh211 km131 miles
Distance from Dushanbe to Khorugh270 km168 miles

Distance Between Khorugh and Foreign Cities

Distance from Khorugh to Baton Rouge12,272 km7,625 miles
Distance from Khorugh to Madison Wi10,878 km6,759 miles