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Distance Between Ysyk-Koel and Surrounding Cities

Surrounding cities of Ysyk-Köl shown on map, and the distance between Ysyk-Koel to other cities and states listed below the map. Click on the distance between link to see distane map.

Distance From Ysyk-Köl to Kyrgyzstan Cities

Distance from Ysyk-Koel to Karakol92 km57 miles
Distance from Osh to Ysyk-Koel427 km265 miles
Distance from Batken to Ysyk-Koel598 km372 miles
Distance from Talas to Ysyk-Koel415 km258 miles
Distance from Naryn to Ysyk-Koel150 km93 miles
Distance from Ysyk-Koel to Bishkek225 km140 miles
Distance from Ysyk-Koel to Jalal-Abad391 km243 miles
Distance from Ysyk-Koel to Chuy237 km147 miles

Distance Between Ysyk-Koel and Foreign Cities

Distance from Ysyk Koel to Palu6,414 km3,985 miles